Sacred Offerings

These offerings occur a limited amount of times throughout the year making them extra special when they do pop up - it’s a “don’t miss out” kind of thing! 

Restorative Yoga + Reiki  →

Cacao Ceremonies with Yoga (seasonal) →

Kids Yoga series & workshops →

Inversion/Arm balance workshops →

Breathwork practices →

Private Yoga Sessions or Events →

Restorative Yoga + Reiki

A 90 min class specifically created to offer rest and relaxation. Restorative yoga provides total comfort utilizing various yoga props to allow the body to relax while guided meditation and reiki is offered throughout to allow the mind & energetic bodies a chance to rest and reset.

Cacao Ceremonies with Yoga

This seasonal offering engages with chocolate as a ritual which has a direct positive impact on our individual well-being. Cacao ceremonies create healing and connection.

Kids Yoga series & workshops

A great way to introduce yoga, breath work and mindful based play/activities to your littles to help learn coping skills and strategies for life’s challenges.

Inversion/Arm balance workshops

A purposeful, playful and creative approach to learning how to balance on your hands.

Breathwork practices

Dive deep into a meditative-like state with guided breathing techniques, improve lung capacity, boost the immune system.

Private Yoga Sessions or events

Available upon request. Host a birthday party, a girls night out, a family fun celebration or anything in between. 

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Our Classes

We design each class to create an inclusive and safe place for you to explore your practice. From relaxing Restorative yoga, deep Yin release or dynamic power flow and everything in between, we have something for every body. Come try them all to discover your favorites.