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Vinyasa Flow

This class consists of mindful and fluid flow of asana/poses with a focus on the breath. This class is designed to help develop strength, improve flexibility & balance, and reduce stress.

Appropriate for students of all levels as modifications/variations will be offered.


A 75 min gentle stretch that leads into a restful restorative ending setting the tone for your week to come utilizing candlelight in a warm setting. Props provided.

feel good flow

A gentle approach to vinyasa sequencing. This "feel good flow" is the perfect class to attend if you're looking to tap into that deeper breath awareness without feeling rushed or intimidated by advanced yoga postures.

You will be given adequate warm-up and cool-down time and be led through a creative gentle sequence to leave the body feeling refreshed and balanced.

This class will be infused with yin and restorative postures as well to promote that "feel good" effect.

Suitable for all levels including beginners.

Meditation in Motion

A class designed to get you "out of your head & into your body" using creative sequencing that will take you around the mat.

Vinyasa means to link breath & movement. Mandala an ancient spiritual symbol that represents wholeness.

This class will take you through a series of Sun Salutations to get the body warm & boost energy followed by a creative sequence to promote strength, flexibility, stability, focus, and connection by moving around the mat in a circular pattern. The sequence will be repeated 2-3x to promote a meditative-like state of mind while the body is moving.

This class is suitable for all levels.

30 min Core Ritual for Yoga

Whether you're looking to develop core strength and stability or want to reduce low back discomfort or pain, this class is for you.

The core links our upper and lower body requiring us to have a strong and stable core to improve ease of movements & balance throughout our yoga practices.

All bodies are welcome. Modifications will be provided.

Not recommended for pregnant women.

Gentle Vinyasa Flow

Think Vinyasa, just slower-paced and gentle on the body and mind. Perfect for beginners and yogis of all kinds.


A weekly yoga class offered for those new to the practice and/or looking to build a solid foundation of proper alignment, technique, and modifications with and without props.

60 min class in a warm setting.

Props included.

Peak Pose

Challenge yourself in new ways while still having time to go deeper into your existing practice. Each week, this class will explore a Peak or Goal Pose as the focus. We will help all students to safely work toward their personal fullest expression of that pose, while still offering a vinyasa flow (breath to movement) type sequence to warm appropriate tissues for that particular peak pose.

Power Hour

This is a 60-minute Power Flow Class that will focus on building strength, endurance, energy, and balance as you flow through asana/poses connecting breath with movement. Come prepared to sweat it out.

*All Power Flow classes will be heated.

Vin to Yin + Breathwork

This class will begin with a gentle warm-up followed by Sun Salutations and a creative vinyasa sequence to develop strength and mobility and enliven the body to chase away fatigue (approx 30-40 min) and end with yin yoga and guided breath work practices to improve flexibility and extensibility of the fascia, ligaments, and tendons while calming the nervous system to promote relaxation and a sense of balance/peace.

Class suitable for all levels. Heated.

75 min

Unwind (gentle yoga)

This 45 min class is perfect for a mid-week check in with yourself - to let go of tension, stretch, breathe & reset for the remainder of your week.

This class is suitable for all levels.

Yin + Meditation

This class uses a slow and steady approach consisting of floor poses held in stillness, allowing your joints and tissues to rehydrate and release held tension. This practice will bring long-lasting relief to the physical body by increasing range of motion, flexibility, and circulation. This class will also consist of meditation techniques to promote relaxation, clarity, and peace. Meditation is known to improve the health of the brain and immune system, reduce blood pressure, improve sleep, and give us more energy to enjoy life. This class is appropriate for all levels (beginners to advanced yogis and yoginis) who are looking to settle the nervous system and enhance the body's energy flow. No prior experience is required.

Designed to help mamas in all stages of pregnancy develop strength, and learn breathing techniques, body awareness, and methods to prepare the mind and body for a safe and healthy birth.

Prenatal Yoga

special offering

This program goes beyond just the physical of yoga practice and also works with students on the importance of taking yoga off the mat. We focus on the acts of kindness and karma-implementing projects the students help to create where they give back to their local community.

It’s an introduction to key yoga postures, breath work, and meditation. An organized program where our certified kids yoga instructors will go into classrooms on a monthly basis to provide a yoga practice around creating positive mental health and kindness to each other. In a world of chaos, this isn’t just a class- this is a mission! 

Peace begins with Us

a school yoga program

explore sacred offerings

Sacred Offerings

Looking to add to your yoga practice? These offerings occur a limited amount of times throughout the year, making them extra special when they do pop up - it’s a “don’t miss out” kind of thing!